Thursday, 24 February 2011

Market Watch - Adelaide Central Market #2 Published 23.2.11

Bananas stay in the headlines this week with the ACM offering low low prices. Local rain is spotting ripe fruit leading to reduced prices but the flavour remains fabulous.

Fruit and Veg
Local is where it’s at this week. Starring Cudlee Creek, famed for its rich history of fruit production and export dating back 100 years. The unsprayed fruit from Mario Ascensio is sensational. Greengage plums, considered one of the finest desert plums, also sugar and black diamond varieties all under $3kg. Stew the weekend away. Mario’s old fashioned red delicious apples, characterised by the distinctive five crowns on the apple base, look the perfect size for school lunches. Stall 56.
From Virginia, season end broccoli is still crisp and zucchinis, both under $4. Hydroponic cos, red oak and mignonettes are all $2.50 and are premium quality. Virginia’s white onion crops are also on the shelves at $2.50kg.

Meat, poultry and seafoodIf you are entertaining this weekend, try Feast Coorong Rib Eye beef (on the bone), or Barossa grain fed Waechtor whole ducks. Corned silverside is making a comeback to coolness at $7.90 kg .
Boston Bay 1kg cryovac bags of live black mussels are scrubbed, de-bearded and ready to cook. Steamed quickly with chilli, onion, black pepper and a little white wine in a big pot makes incredible eating.
Imported fresh black Perigord truffles have such a rich pungent aroma. Don’t be put off by its dark warty appearance, as its secrets are in the flavour. Marco (MM) has simple recipes available and some clever MM Truffle products at Stall 68 (also where Chefs gather for the latest delivery).

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