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Kangaroo Island Rare Breeds Farm

Rare Breeds, Rare Flavours

The Rare Breeds Farm is a unique collection of rare and unusual breeds of domesticated farm animals, many of the breeds kept are on the brink of extinction and not on public displays any where else in the world. Here you will find breeds of Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, & Poultry in forms and colours that you never previously knew existed. This is the place you will discover there is no such thing as an ordinary farm animal! William's Rare Breeds Farm is believed to be the first of its kind in Australia, opening its gates to the public; offering guided tours, and that is totally dedicated to rare breeds and does not keep main stream commercial stock.On the tour you will learn about these fascinating animals, their origins, purpose, and why they have become so rare. Even those of farming, veterinarian, and zoological backgrounds will gain a greater insight from this highly informative, personally conducted tour by the owner and curator: William Marshall.

Will and Wessex Saddleback pigs

Kangaroo Island Baudin piglets

Kangaroo Island Baudin pigs

Skilder Persian Lambs

Wessex Saddleback

Wessex Sow with the first litter of 13 piglets

and here they are what a family

The purpose of the Rare Breeds Farm:

To collect and maintain breeding groups of rare breeds of domesticated farm animals.
Make surplus breeding stock available to others interested in their conservation.
Conduct tours to educate the public about the breeds and their plight.
Instigate research on the various breeds
Collect and freeze Embryos and Semen, as a genetic safe guard against disaster (ie. Disease), & to also prevent genetic drift.
Import and export genetics of rare breeds of domesticated farm animals

for the visitors going to KI..

The Rare Breeds Farm is located 2 km west of Stoke Bay on the North Coast Road, Kangaroo Island, South Australia.

Open : Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday

Tour times: 11:30am and 12.30pm

Closed: Tuesday and the entire months of June, July and August

Admission fee Adults: $15 each Children: $10 each (Sorry, No discounts or concessions)

private tours: Most welcome outside of normal opening times, days and months by prior arrangement - a minimum opening fee of $60 applies

and for the chefs.......

Large Black and Wessex Saddleback pigs have their own slight variations in flavour and eating qualities but in general they both produce a meat that is succulent, flavoursome and with crackling to die for. The meat has micro-marbling and over all is darker in colour the main stream commercial pork. It carries some extra fat but that is necessary to baste the meat while it cooks to give flavour and succulence. Further, recent developments in scientific study show that more naturally produced pork can carry health-benefiting Omega-3 fatty acids in the fat so that it is not necessarily the bad thing that some people have claimed. Finally, the fact that the our pigs are mostly black does not mean that you will have black crackling or bacon rind. Like every other pig, the skin on these breeds is the same after slaughter and the removal of the bristles. It is bigotry in the mainstream meat industry that believes otherwise. You may find some black stubble where the bristles have not been fully removed but this should be seen as a sign of quality.

Contact: William Marshall

Phone  +61 8 85592115

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