Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Plympton Community Centre Garden

The City of West Torrens recognizes community gardening as a valuable recreational activity that contributes to health and well-being, positive social interaction. Community Gardens are places where people come together to grow fresh food, learn, relax and make new friends. City of West Torrens also values the importance of providing continuous education which has lead to such activities as tours to the Central Markets

Community gardens engage and involve people in their own communities. They give people the chance to physically shape the character and culture of their neighborhoods, and to take responsibility for their common land.

Community gardens are a meeting space, bringing together diverse aspects of local communities. They allow neighborhoods to meet on neutral soil and provide common ground for people of varying cultural backgrounds, experiences, ages and interests.

The City of West Torrens will be setting up its first community garden at Plympton Community Centre. If this pilot project is successful, further community gardens will be set up around the Council area.

Michelle Mitolo

Community Development Officer

Community Services

City of West Torrens

Phone: 8416 6252

Fax: 8443 5709

Email: mmitolo@wtcc.sa.gov.au

Feedback from participants of central market tour Tuesday 17 November 2009

• This tour was way beyond my expectations

• This morning, I nearly convinced myself not to come; I thought it was going to be a boring ‘this is a carrot, this is a tomato’ kind-of-tour, but it was much, much more than that!

• I absolutely LOVED this tour.

• I have lived in Adelaide for 50 years, and one, I never knew these tour existed, two, I have never seen so many stalls that I hadn’t noticed before.

• Thank you for organising this tour, I had SO much fun.

• Can we stay for the whole afternoon?

• What is this bus used for? (Gemma explains) You need to do a targeted age-group mail out with explanation of the loop to local residents; its such a great service, and its needs more advertising.

• This tour has motivated me so much, I had so many questions answered, and want to stay and do the tour again this afternoon!

• Thank you, I had such a fantastic time!

• This tour has opened my eyes and shown me many aspects of the central market that I never knew existed.

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