Monday, 3 September 2007

Silver Needles -The Best white tea on earth

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The rarest and most costly tea

Silver Needle is the best-known Chinese white tea. It has also be planted and made in some countries in South and Southeast Asia in recent years. The Silver Needle from Fuding in Fujian Province widely considered the best silver needle. The Pure Silver Needle from there was once the richest extravagance exclusively reserved for the Emperor. Producing white teas was then extremely labor-intensive. Each 250g best Silver Needle is made by using 70,000-80,000 undamaged and unopened buds picked within 2 hours in the early morning between March 15 and April 10 when it is not raining. It is hand-picked 100% from young, unopened leaf buds above the green tea leaves. It is unopened leaf buds. It is called Silver Needle due to the silver-white down covering each elongated, needle-like bud. It is the presence of this delicate downy covering that signals the perfect time to harvest the rarest and most costly of all varieties of tea.
Jing Tea white tea is 100% organically grown on the organic certified farm above 600m height and 100% hand processed and packed according to the control procedures as outlined in Regulation (EEC) N° 2092/2091, Institute For Marketecology, Switzerland. Its unappreciated figures are LESS THAN 1/1000 of any other ordinary white teas in Australian and North American market.

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