Tuesday, 15 May 2007

U.S. magazine article/Nation's Restaurant News

Subject: U.S. magazine article/Nation's Restaurant News

My article on cuisine of S.Australia, which includes you, recently appeared in Nation's Restaurant News magazine as part of a special section on the cuisines of 4 international wine-producing regions. I'm attaching .pdf files of the section for you.
Thanks again for your help!
Mary Caldwell, Nation's Restaurant News, USA

Adelaide’s cosmopolitan market
The multicultural character of South Australia comes into sharp focus at the Adelaide Central Market, whose stallholders — all independent vendors — represent heritages from diverse countries in Asia as well as Eastern and Western Europe. Mark Gleeson, who recently sold his 120-seat beachside restaurant to concentrate on his gourmet retail outlet and his food tourism business, leads guided tours of the market. Open just four days per week, it is said to attract somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.4 million visitors a month. Of the market today, Gleeson says, "the atmosphere is incredible, like being in someone’s giant house with everybody busy preparing for a huge meal ... all ages, all cultural communities, all cuisines ... the smell of roasting coffee ... wafts of bacon crisping on a grill ... the sweet tropical aroma of mangoes ... peaches ... apricots ... fresh basil and fresh mint straight from the market garden." As Australia eases into fall, while the Northern hemisphere awaits spring, Gleeson looks forward to the season’s first apples, which usually arrive at the market within two to three days of being picked. Olives also are about to be picked, "which means we will have that peppery, bright-green oil for our winter cooking," he says

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