Sunday, 1 April 2007

On Tour This Week

Victor Pisapia and Jim Bahr spent Saturday morning discovering the Market. Both Food Gurus had been hearing about the Central Market for last they had the chance to visit. Victor Pisapia, Award-winning chef, accredited educator, and food presenter. His world-wide travels and innovative and exciting approach to food, give Victor a true appreciation of how important a fresh produce market is to a city. With 26 years experience in the food industry, Victor has developed and managed 7 successful restaurants in the USA and Australia and featured in Gourmet Traveller, Australian Table, and many other local and OS magazines. His newest business, Cheeky Food Group, gets corporate staff cooking together as a team building event, plus he consults on new products and continues teaching at Sydney Seafood School and Cooking Co-ordinates among others. Victor has led several successful Gourmet Safaris to Santa Fe, New Mexico, the Greek Islands and Tropical North Queensland.

Jim, has put down his kitchen tools and is now Chief Information Officer at Easybeinggreen, NSW.

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